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The project “Experience border towers – from border history to border nature” is a joint project of the town of Bleckede and the municipality of Amt Neuhaus.

The experience of Lower Saxony’s Elbtalaue is further strengthened and, above all, the culture of remembrance in the region is kept alive.

The unique natural area of Elbtalaue is now a biosphere reserve, and the local history as a former border region between the Federal Republic of Germany and the former German Democratic Republic has left deep memories in the population and also traces in the landscape.

Even today, three former border towers, which were part of the GDR border security, bear witness and have the status of landmarks of national historical significance. As part of the project, two of the three border towers on the Elbe were renovated and repaired.

The preservation of the border towers for posterity, the awareness of the common history but also the sensitisation for today’s unique natural and landscape space have been the set goals of the project development.

Through modern, interactive exhibitions in the interior of the two renovated towers, a bunker and in the outdoor space, border history(s) are told, memories kept alive and also the preoccupation with questions about the future stimulated.

The realisation of the project in 2021/2022 was made possible by funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) as well as with funds from the Hamburg Metropolitan Region – Hamburg/Lower Saxony Development Fund.

The own contribution was financed by the town of Bleckede and the municipality of Amt Neuhaus.

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