Border tower, bunker and exhibition in Neu Bleckede

The town of Bleckede was divided for over 40 years: The districts of Neu Bleckede and Neu Wendischthun belonged to the GDR until reunification. The exhibition in the bunker, in the border tower and outside brings a piece of contemporary history to life.

In the “Gallery of History” in the former GDR observation bunker FB-3, visitors immerse themselves in the regional history of division and unity.

The exhibition in the former GDR observation tower BT-9 (4×4) stores memories of local contemporary witnesses, picks up traces in the landscape and encourages visitors to engage with their own history, present and future.

The pulpit of the border tower offers unique views of the Elbe and the landscape of the Lower Saxony Elbe Valley Biosphere Reserve, the town of Bleckede and the ferry, which has been operating again since the opening of the border in 1989.

Exhibition in the Border Tower

History Gallery in the Bunker


You can reach the border tower by car on the way to or from the Neu Bleckede ferry pier.

Walkers go from the ferry a few hundred metres up onto the dyke and can enjoy the expansive view after visiting the exhibition.

Cyclists on the Elbe cycle path ride directly along the border tower and can make a convenient stop here.

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