Tower and border installation in Popelau

The village of Popelau was located in the protective strip of the former GDR border, not far from the border fortifications. The first border fence ran directly on the old dyke behind the farmsteads; pastures and meadows lay in the border area, which could only be reached and guarded by permit.

The former GDR observation tower BT-9 (2×2) in Popelau is not accessible. Special animal and plant species are now at home in its surroundings and are protected.

Two border fences were rebuilt by the Konau Association not far from the border tower. Exhibition boards relate the place of remembrance to a contemporary witness from Popelau who spent his childhood and youth near the guarded border strip.

Visitors can also learn more about the protected flora and fauna that has been able to develop around the border tower in today’s biosphere reserve.

Exhibition on the border installation


Walkers and hikers reach the exhibition site from Popelau or Konau, and cyclists pass directly by the tower on the paved cycle path along the Elbe.

Drivers park in Popelau, Konau or at the ferry terminal in Darchau and walk to the border tower.

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