Border tower and exhibition in Darchau

The entire municipality of Amt Neuhaus was assigned to the eastern occupation zone after the Second World War and belonged to the GDR when two German states were founded. Amt Neuhaus had a particularly long section of inner-German border and was largely located in the restricted area.

The exhibition in the former BT-9 observation tower (4×4) and outside at the tower provides information and special features on border nature, is dedicated to memories of contemporary witnesses and draws attention to traces in the landscape.

Today, the former border strip is also known as the “Green Belt” for unique biotopes and their richness of species. The border towers are all located in Part C of the Lower Saxony Elbe Floodplain Biosphere Reserve, which is in need of special protection and care.

At a hands-on station at the Darchau border tower, children learn about selected animal species that are at home here. In the pulpit of the tower, the development of the biosphere reserve can be experienced – with a wide view over the memorial and river landscape.

Exhibition in the Border Tower


The border tower stands on a piece of old dyke and can be reached after a short walk from the Darchau ferry pier. Parking facilities for cars and bicycles are available.

For cyclists on the Elbe cycle path and walkers, the tower is clearly visible from the tarred path on the new dyke.

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